The mission of Arsenal Sports Club is to develop well-balanced, successful individuals who desire and are capable of contributing in a team environment, throughout their lives, regardless of gender, physical abilities or background, through instruction of the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of soccer.

We will strive to create an environment that will provide each player with a valuable learning experience, an opportunity to improve their soccer skills, an entry into higher levels of soccer, and a chance to be part of an improving program. We will support these principles by improving individual skills through well-structured practice sessions and playing games at the highest competitive age-appropriate level possible, increasing the tactical element of team play, and by using soccer as a vehicle to promote fair play, self-confidence, and good citizenship.

Our organization’s success will be measured by how well we accomplish our objectives, not by win/loss records. The foundation of our program is the development of both individual and team skills while emphasizing good sportsmanship, athletic skills, leadership, character, teamwork, and team spirit.

Arsenal Sports Club Bylaws can be found HERE

President – Adrian Dominguez, Adrian@arsenalsc.com 214-735-2360

Vice President – Christina Barbosa, Christina@arsenalsc.com, 214-753-3257

Director of Coaching – Tony Falcon, tonyfalcon@arsenalsc.com

Secretary/Treasurer – Sonya Watkins, Sonya@arsenalsc.com, 214-868-9391

Registrar – Thomas Sosa, Thomas@arsenalsc.com


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